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      Project Info

      Our School has cooperated with Waikato Institute of Technology, Waiariki Institute of Technology, Bay of Plenty Polytechnic in New Zealand. We enroll students for Business Subjects and Computer Information Technology. It is diploma program and bachelor degree program pathway.

      Communication Info

      Since our cooperation with the New Zealand Waikato Institute of Technology, we have had communication and study extensively. In March every year, the language center director and teachers from the Waikato Institute come to give English test for our students.

      Principal : Huang Jianhang
      School Environment

      ? 2019 Baidu
      100 米
      Contact us
      086-0755-82882866 518026

      The First Vocational Technical School of Shenzhen
      The First Vocational Technical School of Shenzhen was founded in September, 1983. It’s a public vocational school directly under the Shenzhen Education Bureau.

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